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"You’ll quickly discover that you need to work together. Not just in the normal co-op sense – I mean you really need to work together. As a team, coordinating your actions." - CSH Picone

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About the Game

Camped Out is a frenetic couch co-op game for friends and families where up to four players must work together to setup camp before darkness falls. It’s a race against the setting sun to fetch materials, construct tents and your campfire, all while avoiding natural (and not so natural) hazards and traversing the unforgiving terrain.

Key Features:

  • Adventure - Across 20 unique campsites to conquer.

  • Be a Camper - From the comfort of your couch, you too can be a Camper. Take control of one of four Campers including: Quintana, Covington, Saffron & Rascal.

  • Go Camping - Use your scouting skills to place "blueprints" and utilize tools from your backpack to construct tents and a campfire to set up your campsite.

  • Teamwork - To build your campsite in time, you will need to work as a team. The more teamwork between Campers, the quicker the job gets done.

  • Get Dirty - Utilize the natural environment which surrounds you to source the items required to build your campsite.

  • Hazards - The natural environmental is also full of many dangers including ghosts, spikey traps, fire and water.

The Scouts

Meet the Campers


Quintana is the Camp Leader at Roaring Pines Summer Camp. She is the eleven year old daughter of high achieving parents. Her mother, a respected surgeon and father, a psychiatrist. As the first born of two girls, Quintana feels a sense of responsibility to protect her little sister. She’s clever and curious and having achieved leadership status in Mensa for Kids, prefers the company of books to frivolous child’s play.

Covington is ten years old and lost his father when he was only five. Coming from a creative family, Covington's father left him with music in his veins. Covington continues to teach himself to play guitar by watching online videos of his favorite bands. He loves excursions and field trips with his fellow Campers, as he feels a close bond with them and will often serenade them with melodic renditions of his favorite songs.

Saffron is ten years old and the middle child of seven children. But with her ginger locks and eyes of blue and spirit to match her dazzling appearance she has no trouble standing out amongst the crowd. Living on the expanse of the farm with her six siblings, she is constantly seeking her next adventure and with a freckle to match each of her escapades, she’s unstoppable.

Rascal is eleven years old and an only child who’s been misunderstood until he was diagnosed with ADHD. His parents had him join Roaring Pines Summer Camp when he was seven, and as his name suggests he has a tendency to create mischief between his peers. Rascal loves to build and will use any material available to bring his imagination and creations to life. Whether it be sailing through stormy seas on a raft made of driftwood or flying through space with meteorite precision, Rascal leaves those around him in the wake of his creative destruction.



INA Studios

INCA Studios was founded by Andrew Caluzzi and Ian Nowatschenko, who have been designing and prototyping video games since 2013, having cultivated a passion for gaming together in high school.

Ian's Favorite Games: Doom, Quake 2, World of Warcraft, Brutal Legend, XCOM 2, The Witcher 3, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Andrew's Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VII... Are there any other games?

Please feel free to contact us, download the Presskit or visit the stores on the following links.

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